Southern      Nova Scotia Vacationland: Yarmouth & Acadian Shores Tourism 
                                A Unique Guide to the Best Nova Scotia Vacation Experiences, All Closer Than You Might Think

For the discerning traveler, this is the guide to southwestern Nova Scotia
and the Yarmouth & Acadian Shores region. From Mavilette Beach to the Tobeatic
Wilderness and Kejmikujik to Cape Forchu there's plenty of golf, wining & gourmet
dining, whale watching, river country discovery, and coastal exploration for those
seeking a relaxing alternative to modern life's harried existence. Come in and explore!

Coming to Nova Scotia means discovering hospitality unlike any other.

Nova Scotia also offers both superb seacoast and enchanting backwoods. The heart of local French culture today is the Yarmouth & Acadian Shores region, which offers a rich blend of heritage, culture and community spirit. Pass through the Pubnicos and be welcomed to the oldest Acadian settlement in the world. Travel along the scenic coastline of Argyle and the colourful French Acadian shore of Clare as the sea unfolds before you. Wander through the Town of Yarmouth and enjoy museums, restaurants and shopping in a truly historic port town. Take a drive down winding coastal roads and discover rum-runners’ hideouts, learn about privateer folklore, go whale watching, and uncover mariners’ treasurers. Famous and historical lighthouses, anchored on the rugged coasts have cautioned seafarers for centuries and offer a glimpse into the marine heritage.

Nova Scotia holds worldwide renown, too, for its seafood; from smoked salmon and Solomon Gundy, to world famous Digby Scallops and the world’s best quality lobster. In fact, Nova Scotia is home to North America’s oldest gastronomical society, The Order of Good Cheer (l’Ordre du bon temps) founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1606.

The superb coastline along the Bay of Fundy to the south, and above all the sheer immensity of the backwoods and rivers of the Tobeatic Wilderness in the peninsula’s center gives the visitor a uniquely Canadian experience.
Relax in the province's only Relais & Chateaux  designated wilderness lodge. Spanning parts of 5 counties, the Tobeatic remains the largest wild area in the Maritimes. Unique barren and semi-barren landscapes with outstanding undisturbed glacial landforms characterize the area, including esker fields, moraines, kettles and outwash plains. It protects remote and undisturbed wildlife habitat, expansive wetlands, pockets of old-growth pine and hemlock forest, and the headwaters of 9 major river systems flowing to both the Atlantic and Fundy coasts.

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